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The best intensive Italian courses

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Why do you need an intensive Italian course?

If you’re looking for the best intensive Italian courses, it’s probably because of one of the reasons below.

You might have found a job that requires you to speak Italian. Maybe you’re going to study at an Italian university.

It might be that you fell in love with an Italian. Or maybe you just want to travel around Italy.

All of those reasons are great and will probably give you the motivation you need to study in-depth.

That motivation will be your best friend. But you’ll also need to find a great intensive Italian course so we’ve prepared a list of the best ones.

As the name suggests, these courses are intense! It’s basically Italian, all day, every day.

It’s up to you to choose.

the best intensive Italian courses

Intensive Italian Courses Online

Learning online has become so popular and accessible, and it’s definitely comfortable!

Let’s have a look at the options we have for you.

Ripeti con me!

Ripeti con me!” is probably the most intensive course you can find online.

It’s an Italian audio course that will make you think directly in Italian.

You’ll definitely improve your listening skills as well as your grammar and vocabulary.

You may not even notice your improvement at first, but you’ll soon realize that just by listening, you’re learning a lot of words and phrases.

This way you’ll be ready to improve your speaking skills!

All it takes is 20 minutes a day, and you’ll start thinking in Italian in just a few days.


Preply is a platform where you can choose a tutor for online intensive Italian lessons.

Each tutor has a profile and you can see their qualifications

Most lessons are done via Skype, so choose a tutor who offers lessons compatible with your schedule.

Prices per session vary according to the tutor.

ABC School Firenze

ABC School Firenze offers personalized lessons to learners who are unable to head to Florence for their intensive program.

Lessons take place via Skype and are 55 minutes long. Scheduling and the number of lessons per week are based on individual needs.

Educational materials are emailed to students prior to each lesson.


FluentU’s program can be personalized and you can make it as intensive as you want.

You’ll find real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks.

Videos are organized into lessons, so you can easily work toward a particular objective, topic or skill.

FluentU also offers progress-tracking tools and video suggestions based on what you’ve already watched.

It’s an authentic resource for Italian learning.

Centro Culturale Conero

This school offers intensive Italian online lessons for learners who can’t study at their location in Italy.

It provides you with a learning experience as if you were in the classroom.

Courses are available for all levels and are mostly conversation-based.

They also offer private one-to-one Skype classes.

Each course is 4 weeks long and includes 12 hours of group classes via Skype / Zoom/ Google Meet (3 hours weekly in 2 sessions).

There’s a maximum of 8 students per lesson, so you’ll get all the attention you need!

the best intensive Italian courses online

Intensive Italian Courses in Italy

Studying in Italy is the best immersive experience, so we highly recommend that.

The most exciting part about intensive courses in Italy is that they include cultural sightseeing!

So, make sure you choose a great location. The best would be to go to a main city, like Florence, Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna or Palermo.

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci provides intensive Italian courses in Florence, Milan, Rome, and Siena.

It provides a program of cultural events on the weekends, with many interesting activities. And there are four lessons each day, totaling 20 lessons a week. That’s a lot of Italian!

The lessons are held from Monday to Friday and the course is limited to 14 students so it’s a very personalized learning process!

The longer a student is with the school, the cheaper the course is.

You can also study from the comfort of your own home with their Italian online courses.

Madrelingua Italian Language School

Madrelingua is in Bologna, one of the main cities in Italy, and they usually offer intensive courses on location.

However, at the moment (January 2021), due to local restrictions, all of their classes are currently online. So, make sure you check that important information before you decide to go.

For now, they offer two online Italian classes in the evenings:

A2 (pre-intermediate) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 18.00-21.00 C.E.T.
B1 (intermediate) on Mondays and Wednesdays, 18.00-21.00 C.E.T.

They also organize personalized online Italian lessons.

Ente Lombardo Lingua e Cultura Italiana (ELLCI)

ELLCI is located in Milan, the second-most populated city in Italy. The school is near many cultural points of interest.

They offer a standard intensive Italian course of 20 hours per week and classes are small (5 to 12 students) which makes it very intimate. Their offer courses for all levels.

Find out about their online courses too!

Istituto Venezia

This school is located in Venice, arguably the most beautiful and romantic city in Italy.

Classes are held every day from Monday to Friday.

The courses begin every month and last 4 weeks – 60 hours.

Beginners can enroll only during the first week of every monthly course.

Students who already know a bit of Italian can enroll at any time.

In each group there is a maximum of 10so you’ll be getting all the attention and instruction you need.

They also offer online courses.

Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo

This intensive Italian language course is held in both Pisa and Viareggio.

Courses in Pisa are offered year-round while Viareggio provides lessons during the summer months, only.

Courses consist of 30 lessons per week, 6 lessons a day.

The school offers many options for cultural immersion including social events and trips to Florence, Rome, and other amazing places.

This school also offers the possibility to study online.

the best intensive Italian courses in Italy

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