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Original resources to learn Italian fast

Based on my experience as a polyglot, I created original learning resources for the Italian language.

They’re available online for subscription.

Ripeti con me!

The 215 audio lessons in this Italian course give you more listening and speaking practice that any other app.

Leggi con me!

These 200+ short readings make excellent material to improve your listening and reading skills.

Ripeti con me!

“Ripeti con me!” is a set of audio lessons to think directly in Italian.

It introduces new vocabulary and grammar gradually, so that you acquire them naturally, without thinking about grammar rules.

Each lesson includes 3 audio files, an Italian transcript, and an English translation.

Leggi con me!

To learn a language, you need input.

This collection of readings includes short stories, news, and real-life conversations to give you the input you need in an interesting format.

Every reading comes with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation.


Are you still wondering if this is the right method for you?

Drop me a line and I’ll answer personally within 24 hours.

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