Ripeti con me!

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Ripeti con me!

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  • 215 Online lessons
  • 4,800 Useful sentences
  • 50 Hours of audio

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Ripeti con me! + Readings
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monthly, after 7-day free trial
  • 215 Online lessons
  • 4,800 Useful sentences
  • 50 Hours of audio
  • 200+ Readings with slow audio
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Is it worth it?

1-on-1 classes

The best way to master a language is in conversations with native speakers. However, private lessons are expensive. If you took 2 lessons per week, you'd easily spend $300+ per month.

Other apps

There's plenty of language-learning apps with a fancy design and a plethora of features. Some are as cheap as a few bucks per month. However, they don't work because you can't practice speaking with them.

Ripeti con me!

This is the only course that prompts you to speak all the time. At US$0.67 per day, it only costs like one live lesson per month, or more or less like many apps that don't work!

What the experts say...

"This course teaches the language intuitively. It can definitely help you improve your Italian."
Italian audio course best
Nick Dahlhoff
Language Blogger on
"Stefano is fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."
Italian audio lessons
Thierry Hsieh
Founder of the Polyglot Club in Taipei, Taiwan
Stefano knows how languages are learned. His course is the best of the learning resources I've tried."
best Italian audio course lessons
Francesca Chen Ting
Chinese-Italian Translator on

Is it for me?

This course is for you if...

You lack speaking skills

Even if you study a lot with books and apps, you can't get the speaking practice you need to put into practice what you've studied.

You still think in English

Many apps give you time to translate in your head before speaking. That hinders your progress. With Ripeti con Me, you'll be thinking directly in Italian.

You make the most of your time

Take this audio course while commuting or working out. No need to look at the screen!

You can practice every day

Learning a language is like doings sports. You need to be consistent.

This course is NOT for you if...

You purpose is not speaking

If you only study Italian to quietly read books or articles, you can get by with grammar rules and translation.

You're too busy to practice every day

Many casual learners fails because they skip classes. If you can't find 20-30 minutes per day to study, there's no course that can help you.

Third-party reviews

"You will not sound like a robot"
"Teaches the language intuitively"
"I'm happy with the improvement"

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Full Course

From beginner to intermediate in 6 months
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  • 190 Downloadable lessons
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  • 4,800 Useful sentences
  • 3 MP3 files per lesson
  • 50 Hours of audio
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