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1-on-1 classes

The best way to master a language is in conversations with native speakers.

However, private lessons are expensive.

If you took 2 lessons per week, you’d easily spend $300+ per month.

Other apps

There’s plenty of language-learning apps with a fancy design and a plethora of features.

Some are as cheap as a few bucks per month.

However, they don’t work because you can’t practice speaking with them.

Ripeti con me!

This is the only course that prompts you to speak all the time.

At US$0.67 per day, it only costs like one live lesson per month, or more or less like many apps that don’t work!

Speaking makes all the difference

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words after a drill on your favorite language app?

That’s because you were not speaking!

After a couple of lessons of Ripeti Con Me, you’ll be thinking directly in Italian.

And, with Leggi Con Me, even reading becomes a chance to practice speaking!

Is it for me?

This course is for you if...

You lack speaking skills

Even if you study a lot with books and apps, you can't get the speaking practice you need to put into practice what you've studied.

You still think in English

Many apps give you time to translate in your head before speaking. That hinders your progress. With Ripeti con Me, you'll be thinking directly in Italian.

You make the most of your time

Take this audio course while commuting or working out. No need to look at the screen!

You can practice every day

Learning a language is like doings sports. You need to be consistent.

This course is NOT for you if...

Your purpose is not speaking

If you only study Italian to quietly read books or articles, you can get by with grammar rules and translation.

You're too busy to practice every day

Many casual learners fail because they skip classes. If you can't find 20-30 minutes per day to study, there's no course that can help you.

What the experts say...

"This course teaches the language intuitively. It can definitely help you improve your Italian."
Italian audio course best
Nick Dahlhoff
Language Blogger on
"Stefano is fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."
Italian audio lessons
Thierry Hsieh
Founder of the Polyglot Club in Taipei, Taiwan
Stefano knows how languages are learned. His course is the best of the learning resources I've tried."
best Italian audio course lessons
Francesca Chen Ting
Chinese-Italian Translator on

Less is more

Focus on what makes you fluent...

Audio with adjustable narration speed

We all learn by listening and mimicking. That's why audio is paramount. First, rely on audio only without reading. Too fast for you? No problem, adjust the playback speed!

Italian transcript

After the first round of listening, read aloud the Italian text without looking at the translation.

English translation

Still puzzled by some words? Check out the English version!


Mark a lesson to find it later on your dashboard and pick up where you left off.

... without the fluff


Experience points, avatars, fanfares, rankings... all these gamification elements distract you from your task - mastering Italian.

False sense of achievement

Some high-tech apps keep record of how many words you've "learned" so far. This gives a false sense of achievement by counting as learned words that you've barely seen in passing.


If you stop to look up each and every word you don't know, you lose the flow. To think in Italian, you should listen and read Italian. Only after you listen and read the Italian version, take a look at the English translation.

Third-party reviews

"You will not sound like a robot"
"Teaches the language intuitively"
"I'm happy with the improvement"

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Ripeti con me!​

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Student reviews

Read More
Love this course! Of course, at the end it will get harder, so you need to teach yourself a little. Listen to the teacher multiple times plus take notes. I love that the teacher is Italian so that also helps know how they pronounce.
Read More
This course was great. I could not have chosen a better class to learn Italian. Now, I am confident enough to talk to anyone in Italian. The course is well-structured. If you truly want to profit from this course, at least take every lesson twice. It has helped me a lot.
Read More
It is a great match so far. I was struggling with pronunciation and this is an excellent example.
Read More
Because the course is conducted entirely in Italian, it forces you to listen carefully at all times, and I think this helps a student to pick up the language faster. For the first few lectures, I was able to go through them once without having to review the script. This instructor did an outstanding job!
Read More
I'm loving it. Great teacher with an excellent method!
Czech republic
Read More
Lessons are a good amount of time and well organized. There are written materials to support the audio lessons.
Read More
I really like their approach. Helps greatly with pronunciation and a great price!
Read More
I am just learning Italian and this course has been very helpful! I needed a book to help me with pronunciation and this is just what I received with this book. As a beginner of Italian, I really need the help of how to pronounce the Italian words. I wish more books/workbooks did this. I am glad I bought this course and would recommend it if you don't know how to pronounce Italian.
Read More
After six months, I can have conversations with native speakers with confidence. Honestly, I can't believe I spent so little money and feel confident to speak the language in such a short time.
Read More
One of my language exchange partners is an Italian teacher and he was blown away the first time we talked because he said my grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are amazing and he wants to start using this material with his students. Trust me, start using the material to practice a little bit every day. You won't regret it.
Read More
I like the format. The script follows along with the audio. Once you've gone through them once they would be great for the car. I really like the way they structure the lessons. I purchased Rosetta Stone for French many years ago and I prefer this style of learning hands-down.
Read More
I have only completed the first part but am very pleased with this product and would recommend it for anyone. In fact, I already purchased another copy for someone else who is going to Italy this summer.
Read More
This is a really good and thorough course in the language that presents in conversational form all the major concepts. It looks about equal to two college semesters of Italian.
Read More
The course is built around language immersion, emphasizing conversational phrases and language that you might use when travelling to/studying in Italy. From this use, of course, you could go anywhere with the language.
Hong Kong
Read More
Ripeti Con Me does a good job of introducing new vocabulary and grammatical concepts "on the fly," by which I mean it throws these things in without formally explaining them beforehand. The reason I find this a good thing is because that's how one would encounter the language in Italy or with a fluent speaker, and this course trains you to be always attentive to new words, phrases, and grammar.
Read More
Overall, this is a solid course that will teach you Italian. I think the best learning will result from using all the course's materials, as Stefano suggests, including practicing with the readings. The whole course is a good value for the price.
Read More
The course Ripeti Con Me is very well structured and great for beginners and intermediate learners. It covers essential grammar and vocab. The audio is good because you can hear the Italian pronunciation. It is not illustrated with photos or pictures, but it is very well ordered. I would recommend it to anyone in the early stages of learning Italian.
Read More
A very logical enjoyable course which ensures retention with well-planned repetition. A very logical step by step course for learning Italian. Every step is reinforced by repetition. After a while the way of phrasing the language starts to sink in. The gradual buildup of vocabulary is well done and remembering these new words is helped by continual use of them. The pronunciation is made clear with the audio. Above all, as it is enjoyable to use, it encourages making an effort to keep going.
South Africa
Read More
I really loved it, I have learned a lot and everything have been simply incredible, I strongly recommend it.
Read More
I liked this course a lot. It helped me to recall whatever I knew about Italian and haven't used for a while.
Read More
This course is fantastic! Very well organized, easy, short sessions.
Read More
I took this course before going to Italy. I felt quite confident in shops and restaurants, I made lots of mistakes, but it was so much fun! Everyone was appreciative of my efforts to speak Italian. Thank you so much Stefano, I can’t wait to start the next course!
Read More
I’m so happy to have found Stefano a few months ago when I started searching for how to learn Italian. I enjoyed very much taking this great course. It covers many topics in an engaging way and I have learned a lot! Thank you very much!
Read More
I decided to take this course because I have never spoken another language and I wasn’t sure I would pick it up very well, but I’m so pleased with the results! I’m taking the course a lot slower than recommended, I’m finding I can go to my favorite Italian restaurant in town and speak in Italian and they understand me! I also understand them which is crazy! Grazie mille Stefano!
Read More
Stefano does everything he can to facilitate learning of the Italian Language. This course helped me get up and running quickly, and was enjoyable throughout. I can’t recommend his courses highly enough. I still remember the phrases offered in this course almost 2 years later. I feel confident I could speak with native Italians successfully, and 90% of my study has been through Stefano's work. Worth every penny.

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