27 April 2019


Andavo bene a scuola

Quando ero piccolo andavo bene a scuola

Quando ero piccolo, stavo spesso a casa. Non uscivo con gli altri bambini. Studiavo, giocavo al computer e guardavo la TV. Giocavo a tennis tre volte alla settimana.

A scuola, le mie materie preferite erano matematica e scienze. Andavo bene in tutte le materie perché studiavo tutti i giorni.

Solo un paio d’anni, al liceo, andavo male a scuola. Tutti i miei compagni di classe erano stupidi, così, per essere come loro, facevo lo stupido anch’io. Poi, ho capito che non era un problema essere diverso.

When I was a child, I had good grades

When I was a child, I was often home. I wouldn’t go out with other children. I studied, played on the computer, and watched TV. I played tennis thrice per week.

At school, my favorite subjects were math and science. I had good grades in every subject because I studied every day.

Only for a couple of years, in high school, I had bad grades. All my schoolmates were dumb, so, to be like them, I played dumb, too. Then, I realized that being different wasn’t a problem.

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