Glossika Italian ultimate review: effective, but the audio course was better

glossika italian review

Glossika Italian overview Glossika Italian is a platform that helps you learn a language in a natural way, much like how children acquire it from an early age. The method doesn’t include textbook grammar but delivers fluency by using sound patterns in a structured way that’s easy to follow, understand, and memorize.  As you keep […]

Pimsleur Italian review: audio lessons that work

pimsleur italian review

What is Pimsleur Italian? Pimsleur Italian is one of the longest standing and most popular audio courses out there for learning a foreign language. Their programs and method are unique and have a strong academic background. Pimsleur is an audio language learning program organized by level and made up of 30-minute sessions. The levels are […]

Italian language course reviews

italian language course reviews

Which Italian audio course works best? When I developed my own Italian audio course “Ripeti con me!”, I reviewed other popular courses to combine their best features into it. I’m sharing this little research with you. Each review covers the following aspects of the course: concept, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, guidance, structure, price, pros, cons, and my […]

What’s the best way to learn Italian? 21 tools to become fluent

What's the best way to learn Italian? Become fluent with these 22 tools!

You want to learn Italian, right? But… what’s the best way to do it? Textbooks, apps, audio courses, online lessons, reading, listening, speaking, writing? What’s the best way to learn Italian? A few decades ago, it was natural to browse textbooks in a bookstore. Nowadays, there’s plenty of software and apps that claim to be […]

How to learn Italian fast

How to learn Italian fast

What is the easiest way to learn Italian? How can I speak Italian fluently? What is the best language program to learn Italian? Here’s the answer to many frequently asked questions! What is the easiest way to learn Italian? Immersion works because the fastest way to learn Italian is to hear it and practice speaking […]