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Cari amici, sapete che le radici dei miei tormenti con la grammatica italiana hanno le loro origini in tempi biblici antichi? Ne dubitate!?

Ahimè poveri, avete dimenticato il catechismo! Bene, ve lo ricorderò.

Quindi, poco dopo la grande alluvione che il Signore mandò sulla Terra e un felice approdo sul Monte Ararat, i discendenti di Noè volevano mostrare la loro gratitudine a Dio e la loro eccellenza e forza, costruendo una grande torre, che poteva toccare il cielo.

Sfortunatamente, a Dio non piaceva la loro magnifica costruzione che avrebbe potenzialmente interferito con la sua vita privata. Nessuno vuole che qualcun altro guardi nel suo salotto.

Per questo, il Signore decise di fermare la stupida impresa e con un decreto divino abolì la lingua comune in cui i figli di Noè avevano parlato fino a quel giorno e li fece parlare in lingue diverse in modo che non potessero capirsi. E così, qualsiasi accordo su ulteriori costruzioni della torre diventò impossibile. Dio fu finalmente in grado di riposare in pace.

Un gruppo di poveri architetti, dal momento della decisione di Dio, iniziò a parlare la bella lingua italiana, ma ognuno a modo suo, ognuno secondo le proprie regole, il che sembra lasciò un segno profondo sull’italiano di oggi, pieno di eccezioni grammaticali e dialetti diversi.

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The Babylon tower

Dear friends, do you know that the roots of my torments with Italian grammar have their origins in ancient biblical times? Do you doubt about it !?

Ah, poor people, you have forgotten the catechism! Well, I will remind you.

So, shortly after the great flood, which the Lord sent to earth, and a happy landing on Mount Ararat, the descendants of Noah wanted to show their gratitude to God and their excellence and strength, by building a large tower, which could touch the sky.

Unfortunately, God did not like their magnificent construction which would potentially interfere with his private life. Nobody wants anyone else to look in his living room.

For this reason, the Lord decided to stop the stupid undertaking and with a divine decree abolished the common language that Noah’s children spoke to that day and made them speak in different languages ​​so that they could not understand each other. And so any agreement on further construction of the tower became impossible. God was finally able to rest in peace.

A group of poor architects, from the moment of God’s decision, began to speak the beautiful Italian language, but each in his own way, each according to his own rules, which seems to have left a profound mark on today’s Italian, full of grammatical exceptions and different dialects.

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5 Responses

  1. This is a lovely story. I can now blame God for my failure ever to work out when to use ciò, che and ne and also if it’s a or da or per before an infinitive. Thank you Stefano for another very helpful page.

  2. I’m glad that you like my stories. 🙂

    I just checked the “latest posts” line and it’s showing recent posts. Could you send me a screenshot at stefano [at] ?

    I fixed the audio of the other post you mentioned. Thank you for telling me!

  3. Ciao!
    I receive News in Italian via un email a grazie di Stefano once a week.
    They are great! I have been reading and listening to one story a day.
    But I have a question for you.
    The stories that scroll at the top ( there are several) are the same each week. Si chiama :”Latests Posts.” They never change.
    Soon I will run out of material. Is there any way these “Latest Posts” can be updated from time to time, as I find them a great source to learn.
    Also the audio about Leonardo Da Vinci does not link with the written story about another subject.
    [email protected]

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