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We all learn by listening and mimicking. That's why audio is paramount. First, rely on audio only without reading. Too fast for you? No problem, adjust the playback speed!

Italian transcript

After the first round of listening, read aloud the Italian text without looking at the translation.

English translation

Still puzzled by some words? Check out the English version!


Mark a reading to find it later on your dashboard and pick up where you left off.

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Experience points, avatars, fanfares, rankings... all these gamification elements distract you from your task - mastering Italian.

False sense of achievement

Some high-tech apps keep record of how many words you've "learned" so far. This gives a false sense of achievement by counting as learned words that you've barely seen in passing.


If you stop to look up each and every word you don't know, you lose the flow. To think in Italian, you should listen and read Italian. Only after you listen and read the Italian version, take a look at the English translation.

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22 October
Un vento fortissimo
Un vento fortissimo
23 October
To lend in Italian – Italian grammar lesson 172
To lend in Italian
25 October
Mangiare in Italian: the verb “to eat” and its culture
mangiare in italian
27 October
To take and to bring: Italian grammar lesson 173
To take and to bring
27 October
Pagare con WhatsApp
28 October
Dopo la scuola
29 October
La torta sbagliata
marzipan apple pieH 1
30 October
To be used to (doing) something: Italian grammar lesson 175
30 October
Una vacanza in Sicilia
Una vacanza in Sicilia
31 October
Uno schermo davanti agli occhi
Uno schermo davanti agli occhi
1 November
Migliorare la lingua italiana
italian conversation chat
1 November
The Italian alphabet
Italian alphabet
2 November
Ombre sul muro
ombre muri 1
3 November
Italian adjectives: Italian grammar lesson 196
Italian adjectives 2
3 November
Transport – mezzi di trasporto: Italian grammar lesson 171
transport in Italian

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Slow audio

Every Italian text is read by a native speaker at a slow but natural pace to catch every word.

Italian transcript

There's an Italian transcript to read along if you need a visual aid.

English translation

No need to look up new words with the complete English translation!


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