Stefano Lodola

Italian Language Teacher and Polyglot

Italian Polyglot

I was raised speaking only Italian, and now I speak nine foreign languages, mostly at an advanced level, several of which I learned without going abroad, some in only a few months.

I achieved this as an adult by speaking with people, not in class or with books, using original techniques and free or affordable learning resources.

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Online Italian lessons to learn fast

Italian Language Teacher

As a native Italian language teacher, I’ve taught to adults in language schools and universities. I work as an independent translator from Japanese, Korean and Chinese into Italian. I’ve written a book and lectured in polyglot clubs about my method.

As an online Italian tutor, I’ve done 1300+ classes on Skype on multiple language teaching platforms.

I have developed my own Italian audio course “Ripeti con me!” Based on spaced repetition, this course is for total beginners to intermediate learners who want to practice speaking.

Translator from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese into Italian

I do professional translations of financial, technical, and business documents from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese into Italian.

Italian Translator
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Opera Singer

I performed as an operatic tenor in concerts and events in Japan. My repertoire is mostly made up of Italian operas by Verdi and Puccini and Neapolitan songs.

Chess Player

I’m a self-taught amateur chess player. You often find me on

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Italian short stories for beginners with audio

Cat Lover

Cats bring beauty to the world.