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How To Speak Italian In 5 Easy Ways

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Table of Contents

How to speak Italian? It’s easy if you start the right way!

Here are a few tips to start speaking Italian including free options.

It’s Easy to Speak Italian

As a Romance language spoken by over 60 million people worldwide, everyone is wondering how to speak Italian.

Of course, there are many dialects in Italy, and the most common one is Tuscan. In general, when someone is wondering how to speak Italian, the tutors are recommending to start with the alphabet, Italian courses, and immersion, for the best results.

Although the Italian alphabet is quite different, and the letters have a completely different pronunciation, this may not help you in your mission, and you will still be left with the question “so how to learn Italian?”

It’s very easy to learn a few of the most common Italian phrases, such as “Ciao” or “Arrivederci”, but in order to become fluent, you will need to go more in-depth on it. It can be hard to get comfortable with the language, especially if you’ve never had contact with it before.

how to speak italian free

How To Speak Italian

Take Italian Courses

Right now, Italian courses seem like the best option to start learning. Whether you want to choose a course at your local university or an online class, it’s going to help you in your process of speaking Italian, as long as it’s proper for you.

You will need to practice with other people speaking the language, or even better, get a course made by a native in order to actually learn how to speak Italian.

Of course, you will need to practice on your own too, because that’s the only way you will see results in a short time. Speaking is very important, so you should look for courses and classes that promote it.

how to speak italian basics 1

Invest In Italian Language Software

There are quite a few apps and software you can use in order to learn Italian, and you need to be very careful when you choose them. Some online courses will not provide you with the information you need, or a method that’s going to teach you how to learn Italian, but they will provide you with general information.

You need to practice pronunciation by speaking, and not spend too much time on aspects that are not going to teach you how to speak Italian fast.

how to speak italian app

Ripeti Con Me

When it comes to online courses and software, the best option you can choose is actually Ripeti Con Me. It’s going to help you learn how to speak Italian in a short time while giving you access to real Italian.

Spaced repetition will make sure that all the information presented sticks with you, so there’s not going to be a need for memorizing everything.

It’s a relaxed program, where you only need to listen for 20 minutes a day, and you will learn in no time how to speak Italian.

how to speak italian words 1

Get an Italian tutor

Sometimes, the best option is to get a 1-on-1 tutor. There are many online platforms you can choose for this because sometimes, you actually need to find a native to learn and practice with.

Even if you aren’t enrolled in classes or courses, having a tutor can help you learn Italian faster and better than studying on your own. He or she will naturally have a better and different understanding of the language and will help you in the process.

One of the best platforms you can choose for 1-on-1 tutoring is actually Italki. It’s one of the oldest, and their system is specially created for this. You can easily find a native tutor and start practicing.

learn how to speak italian for free

Immerse Yourself Into The Italian Culture And Lifestyle

Immersion is definitely one of the easiest methods you can approach, and you will learn how to speak Italian in no time. Even though it may be hard at first, by being there and constantly listening to everyone speaking, you will eventually learn how to speak Italian.

After about six months of complete immersion, you will speak Italian at an advanced level, and from there you only need to start perfecting your grammar and vocabulary and become fluent.

Use Italian Media

Italian news, music, books, TV shows, and everything you can get your hand on. Nowadays, you can even find podcasts that teach you how to speak Italian, but as a beginner, you may have a hard time finding one you can actually understand.

A thing you can do is starting a show in Italian and leave the English subtitles on. You will get to see how the words and sentences sound like and what’s their direct translation.

how to speak italian for beginners 1

Is It Hard To Learn Italian?

Actually, no. It’s not hard to learn Italian, but it all depends on your will to practice. If you choose the right materials, you will learn how to speak Italian pretty fast, and your pronunciation will be perfect.

Italian is spoken worldwide, not just in Italy, so you have the chance of finding people to practice with everywhere you go. That of course, as long as you don’t choose a native 1-on-1 tutor.

In the process of learning Italian, you need to consider four very important aspects.

best way to learn how to speak italian 1

Stay motivated!

Motivation is the first thing you need, and usually the first thing people lose when learning how to speak Italian.

You need to ask yourself why you want to learn it, and find a reason for it. It can be something just as simple as “I want to learn many languages.”

There can be many obstacles in the process of learning a new language, so if your motivation is in place, they won’t even touch you. This is why you need it!

It’s alright to get excited about it, and it’s also alright to make mistakes in the process. No one is born knowing everything, so there’s your chance!

how to speak italian fluently

Learn the travel essentials

If you’re preparing for a trip to Italy, then you may need to consider learning the travel essentials, such as ordering food, checking in to the airport and hotel, saying and asking for prices, and a few common phrases.

Don’t worry if your pronunciation is not perfect yet, as, with practice, you will get better and better at it!

When you learn how to speak Italian, only the beginning is hard, but as you start to move on through the language, it will be more and more natural.

Take a look at the Italian grammar

In general, grammar is not something you’d specifically focus on, but as you learn more and more, you will need to start looking a little in-depth on it.

In some courses, such as Ripeti Con Me, Italian is presented in such a way that you will get a good grasp of the grammar too, so you don’t need to spend hours learning it by heart.

After all, Italian is quite an easy language, especially if we compare it to German, Russian, or Chinese. The pronunciation is pretty straightforward and a lot of their words are quite similar to the English ones.

how to speak italian language

Get yourself a dictionary

A basic Italian-English dictionary will work wonders for you. Because learning how to speak Italian is not a hard process, you won’t have problems in only using a basic dictionary.

You can quickly look for the words you don’t understand, or the ones you want to express, and just go ahead and jump into a conversation.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do, if you want to be able to engage in real conversations with native Italians, you will need to learn how to speak Italian and constantly practice. It’s something you need to commit to if you want results!

Contextual dictionaries like Reverso are the best options. They also happen to be available online for free!

It’s time to start speaking Italian!

Find little ways to introduce Italian speaking practice into your daily routine.

For example, you could listen to a podcast at breakfast, read a book on your commute, or review vocabulary while you’re waiting for your computer to load.

Start small: just as bad habits can be difficult to break, good habits take time to make. Start with something so easy you can’t say no to, like an audio lesson from Ripeti Con Me a day, every day.

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