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Tips to learn Italian verbs

How to learn Italian verbs?

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Table of Contents

How to learn Italian verbs?

You might have heard learning Italian verbs is difficult, if not dreadful.

Let us tell you it really depends on how you decide to take it.

Your attitude can be your best or worst friend when it comes to learning conjugations.

Of course, if you decide to learn in the traditional way, you’ll find it difficult, time-consuming and boring.

But why not learn with games, music, movies, etc.?

Anyway, once you start to understand the patterns of regular verbs, it’s actually pretty easy.

With regular verbs, you might need to exercise your memory. But that’s great!

How to learn Italian verbs

How to learn Italian verb conjugations

We highly recommend reading our insightful guide to learn Italian verb conjugations.

You’ll find a lot of useful information such as:

  • Conjugation rules for 4 common tenses
  • Conjugation of irregular verbs
  • Review of 6 online conjugators
  • 10 basic Italian verbs conjugated
  • PDF list of common Italian verbs

This guide will probably clarify most of your doubts about Italian verbs.

Italian verbs how to learn

Tips to learn Italian verbs

Have a look at our tips about how to learn Italian verbs:

  • Study in a fun way

Yes! There’s nothing more boring than studying in a boring way.

Make up games for you to review the most difficult verb conjugations.

Write songs. Invent jokes and dialogues.

Watch TV series movies and pause to write down new verbs and conjugate them.

  • Practice and exercise

Playing is fun and you can learn a lot by having fun, but you also need to study and review grammar rules.

However, you can’t just study and forget about what you learned.

You need to practice and do exercises. You can do this online while listening to music, to make it more entertaining.

  • Listen to Italian

Whenever you have some free time, listen to Italian music, podcasts, and TV shows, and watch movies.

Even if you’re not listening with the intention of studying, your subconscious is still picking up new verbs and conjugations.

  • Memorize irregular verbs

Irregular verbs are the hardest ones to learn because they don’t follow a pattern.

The best thing you can do is memorize them. Again, you can find fun strategies.

  • Trust your instinct

If you’re talking to someone and suddenly wonder how to conjugate a verb, don’t think about it too much because you’ll lose the thread of the conversation.

Instead, trust your instinct. You’ll probably say it right.

If you’re not sure, once you get home you can double-check.

How to learn regular verbs in Italian

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