My guide to master Italian

My guide to learn Italian or any other language fast, in a 1-hour webinar

At the end of the webinar, you will...

  • Boost your progress with learning resources that work
  • Retain twice as much from classes and self-study
  • Make a study plan to know exactly what to do and how to do it
  • Gain study tips from a polyglot
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In my language coaching webinar, I’m going to show you how to learn Italian fast.

I’ll share with you what I actually do to learn foreign languages, in the form of a presentation based on contents that I usually show in polyglot clubs.

  • How to memorize vocabulary?
  • How to master grammar?
  • How to improve your pronunciation?
  • What are the best tools to learn languages?
  • How long does it take to learn a language?

After this quick-start guide, you’ll know exactly what to do from now on.

I put popular tools and personal tips together into a complete language workout for your brain. It fits the spare minutes of your day and can be applied without going abroad.

This is not a generic guide: I only recommend methods and materials that I actually use myself and that I find useful.

This treasure of life experience will make you want to pick up again that language you dropped long ago, this time saving yourself years of ineffective studies.

Course program

  1. Language coaching!?
    1. What’s in it for me?
    2. Disclaimer and guarantee
  2. Why are you here?
    1. I don’t know how to study a language!
    2. I’m embarrassed because I can’t speak!
    3. I’m frustrated because I’m wasting time and money!
    4. I’m nervous because I make mistakes!
    5. I fear that it’s too late to start!
    6. I regret that I don’t have time!
    7. I feel discouraged because I can’t travel / live in _____!
    8. I fear that I’ll forget it after I quit studying
  3. Why do you want to learn a language?
    1. Get to like it!
    2. Pains and pleasures
    3. Don’t study for exams
    4. What are your goals?
  4. How to learn a language
    1. How do you study?
    2. A complete language workout for your brain
    3. Self-study books
    4. Gamified learning with comprehensible input
    5. Audio courses based on spaced interval repetition
    6. Video/audio lessons
    7. Writing with confidence
    8. Take classes
    9. Meet people
    10. Immersion with caution
    11. Stick with that language
    12. Keep a word list to learn vocab
    13. Make words memorable with mnemonics
    14. The language diet
    15. Learn music
    16. Progress and self-esteem
  5. Draft your study plan
    1. Study checklist
    2. Weekly schedule
    3. Study calendar

Self-paced course

1 hour of video lessons + survey

28.00€ (30.60US$)

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Bonus tip 1! Learn languages, not about languages

I’ve got a present for you. It’s taken from my course introduction.

It’s a fundamental thing I want you to understand. Then, you’ll appreciate the need for a course on how to learn languages easily.

I don’t want you to study a language. I want you to learn it. And you can only do that by acquisition.

If you don’t know the difference, invest 5 minutes reading this post about language learning and acquisition.

Then, you’ll know how to learn to speak Italian fast.

Bonus tip 2! How to pick a textbook

In this webinar, you find a wealth of tips on which resources are useful.

Books are not my first recommendation, but there’s so much demand for it that I give my advice on this kind of resources, too.

Stop wasting money on unreasonably popular learning resources and find how to pick a good language self-study book.

Bonus tip 3! How to memorize vocabulary

Ok, you want something that you can apply right now.

I’m giving away these tips from the course on how to memorize vocabulary easily.

If you like my tips, I warmly encourage you to take the full course. It will change your life!