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Free Italian lessons

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Table of Contents

Best Free Online Italian Language Lessons

Learning how to speak Italian doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank.

In fact, there’s plenty of free Italian language lessons online.

However, those Italian language lessons not always helpful.

That’s why I’ve selected high-quality free Italian language lessons.

Check out the resources below, and you won’t have to worry about paying for your Italian lessons.

Online beginner Italian lessons with audio

Greetings in Italian

An Italian language lesson on how to say hello in Italian.

How to say numbers in Italian

Numbers in Italian

How to count from zero to one billion in Italian.

Days of the week in Italian

How to say the days of the week in Italian.

Months of the year

How to say the months of the year in Italian.

How to say “I don’t understand” in Italian

As a beginner, you often get stuck and can’t understand what people are saying to you in Italian. What to say?

talk about family in Italian

Talking about your family

Useful vocabulary for talking about your nearest and dearest.

Ordering at the restaurant

Is reading an Italian menu intimidating for you? Order like a pro with these sentences!

online Italian test

Online Italian test for beginners

Check your Italian level with this free quiz.

online italian lessons

Asking directions

How to ask where something is, and words you might hear in response

How are you in Italian

Get ready for your first conversation!

Italian idioms

Sound like an Italian with these expressions!

Italian quotes

Who said that?

Italian proverbs

Ancient wisdom from Italy.

Italian sayings

Common expressions about life, love, etc.

Italian hand gestures

A collection of hand gestures that Italians really use.

Italian swear words

Learn to curse like an Italian!

More Italian language lessons

To be (happy!)

Learn how to use the verb essere (to be).

This is the first of many online Italian lessons about useful grammar patterns.

To have (thirst!)

How to use the verb avere (to have)?

italian grammar plural nouns adjectives

Plural of nouns and adjectives

You like gelato, ok. But, what if you want to order two gelati?

Italian pronunciation guide

How to pronounce Italian vowels and consonants?

Italian songs to learn Italian

If you listen to Italian music to learn this beautiful language, choose the right Italian songs because some lyrics aren’t exactly what you’d say in real life.

Italian pronunciation for singers

If you sing Italian songs, learn how to pronounce the lyrics from an Italian opera singer!

You may also book online Italian lessons on Skype.

Present tense of regular verbs

Even the conjugation of regular verbs can be confusing. Here are the rules with examples.

Present tense of irregular verbs

Some of the most frequent verbs in Italian are irregular. Learn how to conjugate them with these sentences.

Top 1000 most common Italian words

Should you learn the most frequent Italian words?

Yes, but do that the smart way!

best italian audio course review

10 free audio lessons for beginners

30 sentences in English and Italian, each in 3 different versions, to cover basic grammar points.

These 10 free Italian lessons are the place to start if you’re a total beginner and want to speak for Day 1!

If you like this method of Italian language lessons, there’s a thorough 140-lesson course to speak and think in Italian for beginners and intermediate learners.

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