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FAQ & Support

Questions about plans, billing, etc.? There’s a FAQ section for that!

If you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ, comments, or suggestions, send me a message from this form and I’ll reply personally within 24 hours.



Every resource is sorted by level:

  1. Beginner
  2. Elementary
  3. Intermediate
  4. Upper-intermediate
  5. Advanced

There is something for everyone!

You’re right for my courses if you see yourself in these statements:

  • You lack speaking practice
  • You want to improve your listening skills
  • You have enough free time to study on a daily basis

First, my method is probably different from the way you’ve studied so far.

Even if you’ve already covered some topics, it’s likely that you’re not able yet to put that knowledge into practice.

My materials will help you with that.

Second, the audio course Ripeti Con Me is made up of 215 lessons. If you’re a beginner, that’s enough to keep you busy for a year.

This course also covers topics that are hardly found in language courses or textbooks.

Third, news readings with slow audio Leggi Con Me are being added every day.

You’ll never run out of content!


Since the entire library of content would be huge, it’s better to take a look at each category separately:

Every day!

There’s at least one new reading a day in Leggi Con Me, every day.

The audio course Ripeti Con Me is also occasionally improved and expanded.

Not to mention the grammar lessons, blog posts, etc.

Plans, payment & cancellation

This is not the kind of course that you buy and then forget on the shelf.

Membership means:

  • Instant access to my entire library of learning resources
  • Daily updates
  • Community

You’ll never be alone on your way to fluency!

There are 3 subscription plans.

  1. Leggi con me! To access the readings with slow audio (news, stories, and conversations).
  2. Ripeti con me! To access the audio course Ripeti Con Me.
  3. Impara con me! To access everything on this website (1+2).

The free trial last 7 days, during which you have access to all the premium learning resources on this website, namely:

  1. The audio course Ripeti Con Me
  2. The readings with slow audio Leggi Con Me
  3. Live webinars

To verify your identity, you’ll be asked to choose a payment method, but you will not be charged for anything.

If you cancel your free trial before it expires, you will not be charged for anything at all.

No worries, you’re locked into that price, my friend!

Tip: that’s a good reason to sign up now.

That is until (and if) you decide to unsubscribe.

If and when you choose to re-subscribe after that, you will have to pay the new monthly price.

Proceed to checkout as usual.

If you’re not logged in, you can do that on the checkout page.

If you’re already logged in, just enter your payment information.

You may change your subscription (i.e. downgrade or upgrade) by yourself on your account page at any time.

Both recurring payments and length are prorated, which means that you won’t waste money or time.

Only if you’re currently paying with Paypal, you need to change your payment method to “credit card” on your account page.

If you try to switch plans with Paypal, you’ll get an error.

If you don’t know how to do that, please get in touch and I’ll set up a new subscription for you.

A simple solution is also to cancel your existing subscription and buy a new one.

In the tab “my subscriptions” on your account page, click “cancel”. That’s all!

Even after you canceled, you still have access to your content until the end of the current billing cycle.

You will be not charged anymore starting from the next billing cycle (i.e. next month if you have a monthly subscription).

Please note that no refunds will be given for the current billing cycle.

You may cancel your subscription at any time.

After you cancel, you won’t be charged anymore.

However, no refunds are granted for the current billing cycle.

For example, if you have a monthly subscription renewing on March 25 and you cancel on March 8, you will not be charged anymore starting from March 25. However, the subscription fee from March 8 to March 25 will not be refunded.

If you’re still on a free trial, just cancel your subscription and you will not be charged when the free trial ends.

Ripeti con me!

To learn how to use Ripeti Con Me, check out this page.

The number of lessons and their content are the same in either version.

The online version is available online for subscription and is not downloadable. You may access it while your subscription is active.

The downloadable one is made up of MP3s and PDFs that are yours forever.

Gift subscriptions

The option to gift a subscription will be available soon.

In a gift subscription, two persons are involved: the purchaser and the recipient.

  1. The purchaser signs up and renews the subscription (i.e. pays for the subscription)
  2. The recipient has access to the resources included in the plan

Any subscription can be purchased as a gift, but I recommend Impara Con Me that includes all the resources available on this website at a bundle price.

On the checkout page, do the following:

  1. In the “Billing details” section, enter your name and email address
  2. In the “Your order” section, next to the item name (e.g. Impara con me!), tick the checkbox “This is a gift”
  3. Next to the checkbox, enter the recipient’s email address, name, and a message to the recipient
  4. Proceed to payment

Done! The recipient will receive an email with your message and the link to access their learning resources.

Both the recipient and purchaser have access to view and manage certain aspects of the subscription on their account page.

The table below outlines what recipients and purchasers can do:

View Subscription
Cancel Subscription
Change Payment Method
View Orders

Subscriptions have no expiration date.

Due to the recurring nature of subscriptions, the purchaser keeps paying until the purchaser or the recipient cancel the subscription.

To cancel a subscription see “How to cancel my subscription?” in the “General” FAQ section.

All memberships start with a 7-day free trial.

If you don’t like the gift, just cancel the subscription before the trial ends and the purchaser will not be charged.

In any case, you can cancel at any time and, after that, you will not be billed again.

Group subscriptions

Yes! Group subscriptions are now available on a case-by-case basis.

Get in touch now!

In a group subscription, the group owner is responsible for team maintenance (such as adding members and managing billing), while members enjoy all the benefits associated with the membership plan.

Any group of people, such as schools, independent educators with their students, companies, organizations, and classes.

The signup process is the same as for individual plans.

However, group plans are priced and managed in a different way from individual plans.

That’s why only some specific plans are available for groups.


In a group membership, there are three user roles:

  1. Owner. Manages billing and members
  2. Manager(s). Manage(s) members
  3. Members. Enjoy the membership
Manage billingYes
Add usersYes – can add members and managersYes – can add members and other managers
Remove usersYesYes
Access membershipIf added to the groupYesYes

When a member joins a group, they can access all the benefits and content associated with the group’s membership plan. Members can view the membership perks from the member area, under My Account > Memberships.

From the members’ perspective, the only difference between an individual membership and being a member of a group is that the group member has no control over billing or renewals – that’s all managed by the group owner.

Purchasing a group plan is similar to purchasing any other plan, with a few extra steps:

  • Team Name: The owner must enter a name for their team. This can be changed later by the team owner.
  • Take up a seat: Owners can choose whether or not they will be a group member as well as an owner. If a group owner is also a group member, they can access all content, products, and discounts associated with the membership plan. If a group owner is not a team member, they can manage the group but can’t take advantage of the membership plan benefits.

As with all memberships, the group owner must create an account before or during the checkout process when purchasing a group membership so they can manage the team from their My Account area.

Owners and managers can add members to their group by going to My Account > Groups > Add Member. From this page, the owner or manager can add users to the group in two ways:

  • Registration Link: Any user that clicks this link can register for the group. The owner or manager can regenerate the link to deactivate the previous link. This method is quick and easy. However, for security reasons, the link shouldn’t be made public.
  • Add Member: The owner or manager can enter the user’s email and role to add members to the group individually. This method requires more manual work.

The owner or manager can view pending invitations by going to My Account > Groups > Members > Pending invitations. From this page, the owner or manager can resend the invitation, cancel the invitation, or change the new user’s role.

Once a user is invited to a group or selects the Registration Link, they can register for an account and join the group. 

Owners and managers can remove members by going to My Account > Groups > Members and selecting the Remove button. They can also change the role assigned to users from this page.

Members can also choose to leave the group by going to My Account > Memberships > Manage > Leave Group, but they will lose access to the membership perks at that point.

All seat additions are made in a block equal to the group’s maximum seat count.

For example, if a group permits up to 50 seats, you can add seats in 50-seat blocks.

Adding seats is essentially like purchasing a new group and bringing it under the current group’s management.

The owner can follow the steps below to add seats to their group:

  1. Go to My Account > Groups > Group Settings and click Add Seats.
  2. Enter the number of blocks you want to add to the group.
  3. Click Submit.

You cannot remove seats.

Yes – group owners can change the name of their group from My Account > Groups > Group Settings.

No – individual group members won’t get their own renewal or expiration emails because they can’t act upon them. The group owner alone is responsible for managing billing and renewals, so they will receive all renewal and expiration emails.

No, billing is managed by the group owner.

It’s in your interest to have separate accounts to keep track of each student’s level, last-visited content, and bookmarks.

In any case, for fair use, a single account can have up to 3 active logins at the same time.

For example, on a home computer, a work computer, and a mobile phone.

Once the user reaches this limit, they can still log in on another device. However, this will terminate all other old sessions.

Please note that, if you close the browser without logging out, your login still counts as active for 2 or 14 days, depending on whether you checked the “Remember Me” box upon login.


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