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Cheers in Italian: 8 Happy Ways to Say it

If you’re having fun during your trip to Italy, you might want to celebrate with a drink.

But, how to say cheers in Italian?

How to Say Cheers in Italian

Celebrations are an important part of every culture.

In English we say ‘Cheers,’ in French we say ‘A votre sante!’ and in Japanese, we say ‘Kampai,’ but how do we say cheers in Italian?

The most popular way of saying cheers in Italian is ‘Cin cin!’ but of course, it’s not the only one.

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One of the most popular phrases to say cheers in Italian is ‘tanti auguri,’ which can also be used to wish someone a happy birthday in Italian.

‘Auguri’ means ‘best wishes’ in direct translation, and can be used in many situations, from birthdays, weddings, graduations and anniversaries, but today, we are going to say cheers!

cin cin italian

Cin Cin – Cheers

If you find yourself at an Italian party, you will definitely hear this phrase. This one was put together based on a Chinese saying, and it used to mean ‘hello.’ In time though, its meaning changed, and now people use it with a different purpose. It’s believed that this is happening because of the sound glasses make when clinked, so now, it means ‘cheers!’

Sometimes, ‘cin cin’ is followed by ‘alla tua salute’ meaning ‘as to your health.’ Keep in mind that ‘alla tua’ without ‘salute’ is perfectly acceptable too, as the meaning is implied.

  • Allora, cin cin ragazzi, alla vostra (salute)!
    Well, cheers guys, here’s to your good health!

Alla Nostra –To us

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‘Alla nostra’ can be used in formal and informal situations. You can use it at an office party, graduations or to celebrate after sporting events! In addition, you can say ‘Beviamo alla nostra’ which means ‘Let’s drink to us!’

If you want to say ‘Here’s to you!’ you can say ‘Alla vostra!’ or ‘Alla tua!’ if you’re talking to a single person.

Salute – Cheers in Italian

‘Salute’ is a formal way of saying cheers in Italian, and often confused with ‘saluti’ which means ‘greetings.’ You can use ‘salute’ in almost any formal environment.

You can also say ‘salute’ when someone sneezes, wishing them good health, or after someone did something impressive for themselves, like walking 10 miles in an hour. Remember than you can also say ‘salute’ before you toast to someone and to express someone’s health condition.

  • Franco non è in buone condizioni di salute.
    Franco is not healthy/not in good condition.
  • Sei il ritratto della salute!
    You are the portrait of health!
  • Ti trovo in salute.
    I find you in good health.
  • Sono stata male, ma adesso sono in buona salute.
    I have been sick, but now I am well/in good health.

how to say cheers in Italian

Cheers in Italian for Weddings

As Italians like to party, you may find yourself at an Italian wedding, and of course, you may want to know what to say.

  • Congratulazioni agli sposi – Congratulations to the newlyweds
    This phrase can be used before or after a toast, and it’s supposed to congratulate the new couple. You can also use ‘Vi auguro il meglio’ which means ‘I wish you the very best,’ or ‘ possa il vostro amore vivere per sempre which means’ which stands for ‘may your love live forever.’
  • Possa la vostra gioia durare cento anni – May your joy last a hundred years
    This is one of the most beautiful ways to say cheers in Italian to the new bride and groom.
  • Per cent’anni – For a hundred years
    At the beginning of a toast, the best man usually says this phrase and the guests repeat after him.
  • Viva l’amore – Long live love
    This one is not especially used at weddings, but you can use it anytime you feel like expressing the power of love.
  • Facciamo un brindisi – Let’s make a toast
    If you are preparing to make a toast, you can use this phrase to draw everyone’s attention. It can be used in both formal and informal situations, and it’s always beautiful to make a toast. You can also say ‘Propongo un brindisi,’ or ‘Vorrei fare un brindisi’.which means ‘I would like to make a toast.’

what s Cheers in Italian

More cool Italian expressions

Celebrations are always incredible, and Italian people know it better than anyone. Now that you know how to say cheers in Italian, it’s time for a party!

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