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As far as possible: Italian grammar lesson 137

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Il più possibile

In English expressions like “as far as possible”, “as soon as possible”, “as fast as possible” are very common. How do we translate them into Italian?

The answer is actually quite simple: there is a very similar construction in Italian that we can use:

(il) più … possibile – as … as possible

  • Voglio andare il più lontano possibile da qui.
    I want to go as far as possible from here.
  • Cerca di partire il più presto possibile.
    Try to leave as early as possible.
  • Provo a vederlo il più possibile.
    I try to see him as much as possible.

as much as possible italian

Il più possibile: Rules

As you can see in the examples above, the Italian construction is quite similar to the English one, and it is used in the same way.

There are only a few things to remember. Usually, we place an adverb in between il più and possibile.

  • Il più rapidamente possibile
    As quickly as possible.
  • Il più lentamente possibile
    As slowly as possible
  • Il più presto possibile
    As soon as possible
  • Il più tardi possibile
    As late as possible

il meno possibile italian

Il meno possibile

Unlike in English, in Italian we can use the same construction in the negative by changing the word più (more) with meno (less).

As we do not have an equivalent construction in English, you will just use “as … as possible” and change the adverb/adjective to its opposite.

  • Il meno possibile
    As little as possible
  • Il meno velocemente possibile
    velocemente –
    quickly -> slowly
    As slowly as possible
  • Il meno sgarbatamente possibile
    sgarbatamente –
    rudely -> politely
    As politely as possible

il più possibile italian

Il più possibile: Other Examples

We’ve seen how to use il più / meno … possibile with adverbs, but the same construction can be used with nouns and adjectives, too. Have a look at the examples below.


With adjectives, the construction behaves in the same way as with adverbs.

  • Il vestito dev’essere il più elegante possibile.
    The dress must be as elegant as possible.
  • Cerca di renderlo il meno noioso possibile.
    Try to make it as little boring as possible (as fun as possible).


With nouns, we usually drop the article il before più and we use a plural noun for countable nouns (“as many … as possible) and a singular for uncountable nouns (“as much … as possible).

  • Sto cercando di leggere più libri possibile quest’anno.
    I am trying to read as many books as possible this year.
  • Compra più caffè possibile, saremo in tanti.
    Buy as much coffee as possible, it will be a lot of us.
  • Oggi berrò meno caffè possibile, ieri ne ho bevuto troppo. 
    I will drink as little coffee as possible today, I had too much yesterday.
To practice As far as possible: Italian grammar lesson 137, take lesson

of the audio course “Ripeti con me!”

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