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Italian short stories

Inspiring short stories with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation.

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Un film spaziale
News in slow Italian

Un film spaziale

Un film spaziale Di solito, quando un attore interpreta il ruolo di un astronauta o gira un film di fantascienza, non deve andare davvero nello spazio. Eppure, nel 2021 succederà una cosa incredibile: un attore di Hollywood andrà proprio nello spazio per girare un film. Si tratta di Tom Cruise.

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News in slow Italian

Interesting news with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation.

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17 October
Trump positivo al coronavirus
Trump positivo al coronavirus
20 October
Transport – mezzi di trasporto: Italian grammar lesson 171
transport in Italian
21 October
Problemi all’aeroporto
Problemi allaeroporto
22 October
Un vento fortissimo
Un vento fortissimo
23 October
To lend in Italian – Italian grammar lesson 172
To lend in Italian
23 October
 In pizzeria
In pizzeria
24 October
E’ facile diventare medico
controllo temperatura
25 October
Che mal di testa!
Che mal di testa
25 October
Mangiare in Italian: the verb “to eat” and its culture
mangiare in italian
26 October
Un vicino dispettoso
0oXns5JzGIQQp nlM
27 October
To take and to bring: Italian grammar lesson 173
To take and to bring
27 October
Pagare con WhatsApp
28 October
Dopo la scuola
29 October
La torta sbagliata
marzipan apple pieH 1
30 October
To be used to (doing) something: Italian grammar lesson 175

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Stop Reading, Start Speaking!

With 215 audio lessons to practice speaking and think directly in Italian.

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