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Inspiring short stories with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation.

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News in slow Italian

Artigianato ad Aosta

Artigianato ad Aosta Da luglio ad agosto, il centro storico della città di Aosta ospiterà varie manifestazioni estive. Sia i residenti che i turisti che visitano questa zona apprezzano molto questi eventi che permettono loro di vedere molti pezzi di artigianato locale. Gli espositori delle manifestazioni saranno circa 180, e

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News in slow Italian

Interesting news with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation.

Popular resources to learn Italian

The most popular posts and tools from my blog.

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On-demand webinar “Fluent. Simple.”

In my language coaching course, I’m going to show you how to learn languages fast.

I’ll share with you what I actually do to learn foreign languages, in the form of a presentation based on contents that I usually show in polyglot clubs.

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learn Italian sentences phrases

Learn Common Italian Phrases: 100+ Basic Sentences

Learn Italian phrases to survive your trip to Italy! Here’s a free list of common Italian phrases for your first conversation. I also collected the most basic Italian phrases in PDF format at the end of the post. Greetings At the restaurant Directions Travel Family Romance Date & time Cursing I

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1000 most frequently used italian words

1000 most common Italian words

Congratulations! You’ve just found the best list of the top 1000 most common Italian words. Let me show you how to use it to learn those words fast (spoiler: put them into context). Facts The list Flashcards A better way Why learn the 1000 most common Italian words? Are you

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italian study plan maker

Italian study planner

Italian study planner How long will it take me to learn Italian? Can I learn Italian in 3 months? How much do Italian lessons cost? How to make a language study plan and stick to it? What’s the best app to learn Italian? Get answers in 3 minutes Time commitment

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Italian audio lessons

Ripeti Con Me is an audio course that improves you speaking skills.

Stop Reading, Start Speaking!

With 215 audio lessons to practice speaking and think directly in Italian.

Learn Italian

An Italian polyglot’s study tips to learn languages fast.

how to speak italian

How To Speak Italian In 5 Easy Ways

How to speak Italian? It’s easy if you start the right way! Here are a few tips to start speaking Italian including free options. It’s Easy to Speak Italian As a Romance language spoken by over 60 million people worldwide, everyone is wondering how to speak Italian. Of course, there

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learn italian with lucrezia

Learn Italian with Lucrezia Borgia

Let’s learn Italian with Lucrezia Borgia Just in case, if you’re looking for free resources to learn Italian, there’s a large collection of short stories and news with slow audio for beginners to improve your understanding of the Italian language, culture & lifestyle. Even Italian swear words! 100% free! Also,

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italian pronunciation guide 1

Italian pronunciation guide

Are you confident about your Italian pronunciation? In this Italian pronunciation guide, you’ll learn the rules of Italian pronunciation. In the end, I’ll tell you a secret to improve your Italian pronunciation. Why an Italian pronunciation guide Italian is known for being one of the most beautiful languages. Learning how

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italian proverbs

Best Italian proverbs: 115 sayings

The best Italian proverbs with English translation to learn the Italian language! The value of Italian proverbs Here’s a list of Italian proverbs together with their English translation. A treasure of popular wisdom! A proverb is a short, pithy saying that expresses a traditionally held truth or piece of advice,

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