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Italian short stories

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Italian Short Stories for Beginners with Slow Audio

Collana di felicità

Sto guardando mia nipote mentre gioca sul pavimento. Ha sparso una manciata di perline prese dalla sua scatola dei giocattoli, ed ora è seduta circondata da loro come se fosse in un giardino pieno di scintille colorate di luce. Ne prende una alla volta, le gira e le guarda con

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Learn Italian

Cheers in Italian

Cheers in Italian: 8 Happy Ways to Say it

If you’re having fun during your trip to Italy, you might want to celebrate with a drink. But, how to say cheers in Italian? How to Say Cheers in Italian Celebrations are an important part of every culture. In English we say ‘Cheers,’ in French we say ‘A votre sante!’

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beautiful in italian

Beautiful in Italian: how to say it in 6 pretty ways

With so much beauty everywhere in Italy, how to say beautiful in Italian? How to Say Beautiful in Italian Bello The most popular and straightforward way to say beautiful in Italian is ‘bello.’ You may have heard the phrase ‘Ciao bello,’ which means ‘hello, beautiful’ in many TV shows. It’s

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goodbye in italian word

How to Say Goodbye in Italian in 10 Ways

Saying goodbye in Italian is something you need to learn in order to master the language. You can use different phrases for different situations and it’s important to know when you can use a formal or informal goodbye. Here’s how! How to say Goodbye in Italian Greetings differ from culture

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