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A free collection of Italian news read by a native speaker to practice reading and listening.

Every text comes with slow audio, transcript, and translation.

Practice reading and listening with these short stories read at a slow pace.

Every story includes slow audio, transcript, and translation.

How good is your Italian? Beginner, intermediate, or advanced? 

Every traveler to Italy should know these 30 sentences. Do you?

Test your Italian grammar and vocabulary.

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As a beginner, you hesitate at every sentence because you’re not sure about a grammar rule.

No need to turn to grammar handbooks: here’s a collection of basic grammar notes with exercises!

Learn from an Italian tenor how to pronounce words in lyrics from Italian opera correctly and expressively by listening to slow audio. You find a free preview of every song.

This is the only Italian pronunciation guide for singers recorded by a native speaker who is also a professional singer.

Earn points just by browsing content and redeem them for premium learning resources like 1-on-1 lessons and audio courses.

Do you want to earn points fast? Practice writing in Italian as usual, then submit your homework!

With so many new apps, podcasts, and courses available online, it’s easy to get confused.

As a language learner myself, I’ve tried a lot!

Find out what works best with these Italian language course reviews based on my experience.