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Ciao! I’m Stefano, your Italian language coach.
My mission is to show you how you can learn Italian the way I learn languages myself.

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Italian audio course

This is the only course that prompts you to speak all the time.

Speak from Lesson 1 all the way to fluency.

Essere -
I am, you are…
Avere -
I have, you have…
Maschile e femminile -
Masculine and feminine forms of nouns and adjectives
Singolare e plurale -
Singular and plural forms of nouns and adjectives
Articoli determinativi -
Definite articles (like “the”)
Articoli indeterminativi -
Indefinite articles (like “a,an”)
Presente regolare -
Regular verbs: I work, you work…
Presente irregolare: andare, venire, dire, dare, sapere… -
Irregular verbs: to go, to come, to say…
Preposizioni a, in -
How to say “in” (a place)
Domande e risposte -
Turning statements into questions

Leggi con me!

Italian readings with slow audio

A huge collection of 300+ short readings sorted by level with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation to improve your listening and reading skills.

Updated every day!

Latest Italian short stories, news, and conversations

La vicina di casa Dario sta rientrando a casa dal lavoro quando viene fermato sulla porta dalla sua vicina di casa, Adele. Adele: Dario, buongiorno! Dario: Salve… Adele. Tutto bene?
La forza di volontà Cristina ha 24 anni e vive fuori casa per poter continuare gli studi. Ama la natura e la scienza, e ogni volta che può si dedica
Oryza sativa. Detto così forse non significa nulla per la maggioranza, ma questo è il nome scientifico dell’alimento più mangiato a livello mondiale, ovvero il riso. Il riso fa parte
 La pescheria Marco lavora come chef in un famoso ristorante di mare, e va in pescheria per comprare del pesce fresco. Marco: Buongiorno! Commesso: Ciao, Marco! Bentornato! Marco: Grazie. Com’è
News in Slow Italian. From June to October a rich calendar of events will make Summer in Pietrasanta very special. Art, music, and dance.
Il valore del sale Un re ha tre figlie belle e gentili, e le ama tantissimo. Un giorno, per sapere se anche loro gli vogliono bene, chiede loro in che

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Italian grammar lessons, study tips, and online tests

Learn Italian online free with a polyglot’s tips.

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1000 most frequently used italian words

1000 most common Italian words

Top 1000 most common Italian words: the ultimate list! But… how to learn them? Not with flashcards! The smartest way is to put the most used words in context!

Learn Italian

An Italian polyglot’s study tips to learn languages fast.

days of the week italian

The days of the week in Italian: a complete guide

If you’ve started learning Italian, whether for pleasure or to improve your professional profile, it won’t be long before you need to learn the days of the week in Italian. With them, you’ll be able to plan to go for a cappuccino with a friend or schedule a business meeting

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bad methods to learn languages

Why people still use bad study methods and language apps

As the author of an Italian language course based on my life experience, I admit that I’m upset when a casual learner cancels their membership because “it doesn’t suit my learning style“. I shouldn’t argue with customers, but I can certainly explain why what you’re looking for in a language

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